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No book on Industrial Relations (IR) specifically on union-employer relations in multinationals, has come from Africa. This book on AngloGold Ashanti (AGA), Ghana deals with their Unions, Management Practices and the International Framework Agreement (IFA). It offers a pioneering insight into the existence of an IFA within the hitherto touted only mining signatory to an IFA in Africa. This book shows that there is no functioning IFA at AGA. Also, apart from the CSR projects, there is no awareness of IFAs, AGA as an IFA signatory, AGA's management practices and Union activity. Whatever "meaning" there is, has been socially constructed by AGA through the local media. The Ghana Unions are of the "pluralist" tradition, within a "neo-institutionalist" type of worker representation as opposed to their radical South African counterparts. The Ghana Unions need to reconstruct the AGA determined "meanings" with the help of sister Unions, and also counter AGA's IR practices like outsourcing, discrimination in remuneration and poor governance practices. This book should offer useful African IR and Unions insights to global Labour, HR and PR, scholars, practitioners and students.

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